Wemade, Mir 4 Global Documentary Release

[jin reporter Park Ye -jin reporter] Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun -guk) unveiled the documentary ‘WHY LOVE MIR4’ on the 13th of the documentary ‘Mir 4’ global users on the official YouTube channel.

The documentary will consist of two parts, and the video released this time is part 1. It contains interviews with fans from all over the world, including Asia, Europe, and North America, who love and enjoy Mir 4 global.

A global user in Manila, Philippines, said, “Mir 4 game plot is very beautiful and rich.”

The user who enjoys Mir 4 global in Thailand said, “The occupation is the most interesting,” he said. I tried to achieve it. ”

In particular, some users said, “It was difficult to meet people since Corona, but it filled the empty parts of life.”

In the second half of the video, we could hear users’ thoughts on Mir 4 global P & E elements. One user said, “I play Mir 4 and I can’t forget the first time,” he said. “It is attractive that it is a game where you can play an additional bonus while playing the game.”

Mobile large -scale multi -entertained game (MMORPG) Mir 4 Global, which was officially launched in August last year, currently operates 229 servers worldwide and recorded 1.4 million global concurrent users.

[Part 1] Why we love MIR4 -Play- | 'Meet The Dragonians'

Meanwhile, Wemade Mir 4 Global Documentary Video can be found on the official YouTube channel later.

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