Skyward Sword HD corrects a feature that divides

Zelda and movement orders are apparently a match made in paradise, but it is far from the experience of many players with the original Skyward Sword. The game tried to give players more control than ever on their attacks, the Wiimotion more device being supposed to follow each movement perfectly. In practice, WiiMotion more has often been too sensitive, and therefore attempts at a more fluid and more dynamic combat system have often been triggered by its own ambition.

Motion Controls vs. Buttons - Which is Better? | Zelda: Skyward Sword HD
Chronologically, Skyward Sword is the very first of the chronology and sees this iteration of Link and Zelda living in the floating islands of Skyloft, only to immerse themselves in an adventure that leads them to the surface. The game is also rare to be one of the few not to present Ganon, who traditionally acts as the third point of the Triforce, Power. Instead, the players face Ghirahim, who wants to release his manager, Demise.

Movement commands come back (you didn’t really think Nintendo would abandon the functionality, right?) But good news, in a new Facebook video, the team behind the game confirms that the system is back, but that he is being adapted. Suitable for Joycon better, with the intention of making movement commands more fluid and dynamic than ever.

Of course, this comes with a warning – and a major warning, in addition; Movement commands are not available on the Switch Lite, which only allows reading on pocket computer. If you have a Switch Lite, you will need to do without this feature, just as you will not be able to use the Joycons in a limited edition.

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