Private PVE appeared in Black Desert

PrimeBD black desert privateserver Newbie info
Pearl Abyss installed Black Desert Apdete with private zones for grinds of mobs – from small -scale spots for beginners to top seats for a farm with a high attack. All the same objects fall in these zones as in the open world.

You can find a private farm area through a travel menu. Arriving at the place, the player will see the timer button for 1 hour 5 minutes, by pressing the zone around it will not be available for exit and enter (technically, he will simply move to the instance) at the indicated time during which no one will hinder the farm.

The zones for such a farm also include popular places where high competition and PVP are a star tomb, spots of endless Uyshenov, etc. The timer is zeroing in standard time every day.

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