NO-name products revealed: With this list you can save a lot in the supermarket

Brand quality at discount prices-numerous no-name discounter articles promise. Products from gut & ABTUM, _MILBONA or _JA!Go to the German discounters every day via the counter and replace the significantly more expensive branded products in many households.

But which manufacturer is behind the products is rarely known and often customers ask themselves whether the more expensive branded products are really better? A huge database lists countless discounter products and reveals the actual manufacturer behind it – and it is often a big surprise.

The web app of the “Who to whom” lists countless products from German discounters and supermarkets. In order to find the corresponding product faster, the database is divided according to categories such as dairy products, meat products and or frozen food. Unfortunately, the online portal does not offer a search function. In order to find the desired product quickly, it helps to search the content of the page. In most browsers, this works by means of the key combination STRG + F.

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The website always lists the name of the no-name product in the left column. On the right you will find the manufacturer. Click on this, the web app not only reveals the name of the manufacturer, but also number of employees, sales, contact and address data, year of foundation and many other details.

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The manufacturers are always surprised – this can be explained using the example of the “Körner Yoghurt”, which can be found in the Aldi Süd range. Anyone who buys this no-name product optes for a yoghurt of the Ehrmann brand, but pays a significantly lower price than the yogurt with Ehrmann logo.

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It cannot be said in general that there is a well-known manufacturer behind every no-name product and the discounter items are not always cheaper than the well-known brands, but it is often worth taking a closer look with the no-name search.

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