The fastest killing SMG from Warzone Season 3 is the type 100

Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 will go down in history as a “season of meta shift” after snipers, assault rifles and machine guns have received all extensive gun balance passes from raven software.

Most of the changes in the latest Warzone-Patchnotizen for Season 3 focused on changing the damage spending on Vanguard weapons, and the weapons statistics guru “Truegamedata” has checked what this means for this extremely important time to get Warzones Arsenal on SMGs kill.

His number analysis has shown that weapons such as the MP40 and the Owen Gun, although they were the favorites in season 3 so far, are currently by no means the fastest killing SMG up close in Warz1. The incredibly little used type 100 now has this honor. At all distances, the type 100 opponents sends faster to the Gulag than any other usable SMG. Use the combination of attachments of TrueGameData in a Type 100 Warzone PC players 24, and the only thing that causes more DPS will be Godzilla next week.

this Type 100 has the FASTEST TTK in Season 3 | Warzone
However, this fast TTK building of Type 100 has its disadvantages, which could make some people think twice about whether they should drop their tried and tested MP40 Warzone PC player 24.

There will be a lot of recoil to be checked – although the recoil was improved this week in the update of season 3 – and the build from TrueGameData comes with only 36 balls in the magazine. This is not a problem to record it with one or two opponents, but if you want to play trios or quads, you must be very tactical and precise when reloading so that you do not waste valuable ammunition.

But if you love to play aggressively in Caldera or Rebirth Island and do not make up these disadvantages, this is currently undoubtedly the best SMG in Warzone Season 3. It is so good that it is so good that it is your way to our list of best Warzone weapons has found.

To see which other weapons have benefited from the updates of season 3, look at our Warzone Meta guide.

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