TFT: Argentine Altenahue is Top 6 of the TFT World Cup and Chino Liluo wins the crown

Three days of games where chips of all kinds were used within the competition to demonstrate who would be the player who would win the title of World Champion in Teamfight Tactics, with only eight living players in the competition and a Latin trying to fight To be the top 1 of the world we arrive at the final day of the competition in the search to demonstrate who plays the best of Riot Games.

The first lobby was mutant wherever it was looking to get the best composition with them or transition as quickly as possible, however, Nahuel “Q1g Altenahue” Salazar would be the one to put the table in his favor by taking out several players during the game but the composition of Liluo focused on pure mutants would make it stand out within the meeting getting the top 1 with 53 of life remaining.

For the second board we saw the mastery of the arcanists in the hands of the liuli that from the beginning managed Several of the lobby players who with 77 of life managed to dominate to win this game leaving Liluo in second place.

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In the third map we saw the domain of liuli Determine the luck in your favor being dominant on this board again to get the top 1 again and be closer to the victory of the tournament.

The fourth table would be different from those we saw on previous occasions because Lilu Roleo inside the board to end another Top 1 ** and also get the victory to be crowned as the new world champion.

A tournament with great participations where Latam stays with the top 6 of the world and where we saw Chinese players keep the top 2 in the hands of Liuli and our new monarch of the tft chips alias Liluo Being great participants inside of the competition, taking into account that now we will have to wait until the end of the year to enjoy more international events of this game.

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