Launched Nexon Sub brand Mint Rocket, including sushi Tycoon Dave

Nexon officially launched a new game sub -brand Mint Rocket on the 3rd.

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‘Mint Rocket’ is Korea’s first game sub -brand to develop a different game by focusing on the essence of fun based on Nexon’s fresh development DNA. With a quirky and fresh perspective, they pursue a different gameplay, and ultimately ask questions and explore questions to find the fun that gamers want. It will also showcase games and new IPs in genres that have not been tried.

The plan is to continue to develop user -friendly developments that small developers respond agile to market changes based on the bottom -up communication structure, and quickly introduce them to the market to communicate closely with users.

‘Mint Rocket’ unveiled its new ‘Dave the Diver’, which will be introduced for the first time with its official launch. ‘Dave the Diver’ is a hybrid marine adventure genre that can be enjoyed on the PC and console platform. It is a game that operates a sushi restaurant (sushi) as a ingredient that explores the deep sea blue hole and is captured.

You can experience the sea environment implemented in a unique art style that combines pixels and 3D, which were difficult to see in the existing game market, and meet the unique characters of B -class sensitivity. In addition, you can feel the fun of digging the secrets hidden in the blue hole while descending deep.

Kim Dae -wyon, vice president of Nexon’s new development headquarters, said, “Mint Rocket is a sub -brand that focuses on fun and makes a different attempt.”

For more information on ‘Mint Rocket’ and ‘Dave the Diver’, please visit the official brand page.

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