Where to find a winged braid in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, players will meet various weapons that supports various attributes -based assemblies. The winged braid is one of the most powerful weapons for players using the assembly of faith, and it is quite easy to find in the early stages of the game.

Players can find a winged braid in a chest found in ruins of the tomb . The tomb ruins are in crying peninsula and players can reach it, going north from Fourth Church of Marika . Follow the image of a white circle below to be easy to find this area.

We recommend this weapon to players who prefer to cause damage from light magic. To own a winged scythe, players must correspond to the following mandatory attributes: strength in 16 , dexterity in 16, and Vera in 24 . Angel wings This is a unique skill of winged braid. This allows the players to fill the blades-wing with light before applying a chopping attack to the enemy. White wings interfere with restoration actions using flasks with tears.

Although players cannot fill the winged braid with ashes, you can improve this weapon to +10 using gloomy blacksmiths. The winged braid increases the loss of blood by +55, which makes it a good choice against complex enemies.

Elden Ring - Winged Sword Insignia Location
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