Netflix: Dune, a film pillar of science

Appointment is given on the planet Arrakis. The Netflix catalog runs and abandons the films and series over time not produced by the American giant. Today, it is Dune (1984) to leave the SVOD service.


Live criticism return / an institution of S-F

A pioneer of the contemporary S-S, just that! Dune, released in 1984, is produced by David Lynch (Mulholland Drive), whom you may know via these confusing advertisements for the PlayStation 2. The artist thus offered us the adaptation of Dune from the eponymous novel of Frank Herbert (1965). Despite a critical duality between the film fans and those of the book, Dune was a colossal success powered the universe to the rank of cult production of the 7th art.

Far in the future, a resource has become essential for space trip: the spice. Concern ? This famous spice is only on the planet Arrakis, otherwise called dune, due to his desert and arid landscape. The Duke Leto Atreids leaves to live there with his concubine and his son, Paul. It was without counting on Baron Vladimir Harkonnen who handed them a trap from the start, ally of the great emperor Padishah Shaddam IV. During an attack, Paul and his mother, Jessica, manage to flee and find themselves face to face with the native people in Arrakis: the Fremen. The latter think that only an elected official will manage to deliver them.

Despite its critical success more than mixed (41% on Metacritic), The universe of D. Lynch has marked the spirits to the point of becoming an institution in the world of science fiction. In 2021, the franchise A Known a reboot led by Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049, first contact). With Timothée Chalamet in the shoes of Paul Atreids and Oscar Isaac in that of the Duke Leto Atreids, the first film will experience a suite in 2023 in order to cover the entire novel by Frank Herbert.

A new strategy game Dune

If you want to discover a different way, you will have the opportunity to better know the keyboard and mouse saga in hand. Indeed, the creators of Northgard, Shiro Games, offers us a video game adaptation: Dune Spice Wars . In this real -time strategy game, Shiro Games offers you the opportunity to embody the different dune factions in order to conquer as many territories as possible, but above all: the precious spice. In the manner of Northgard, the title leaves us the choice between the strong way, and the softer ways, such as commercial influence or even diplomacy. The icing on the cake, early access is available from April 26, 2022 on Steam. Do not miss the opportunity to prove your strategist value.

As a reminder, Dune (1984) disappears from the Netflix catalog on April 30, 2022.

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