Lady idol development simulation, Idoli Pride official release

IDOLY PRIDE FIRST LOOK! Idols Management Gameplay & Reroll Details! Less Than 1 Minute to Reroll!?
On the 27th, Neowiz’s mobile gameIDOLY PRIDE” was officially released by Neowiz and QualLiatz.

‘Idoli Pride’ is an idol development simulation RPG that contains the story after the original Japanese animation of the same name. The player is a manager and a story about growing up with the girls who sing to become the best idol. Gameplay has introduced strategic RPG elements to neglect.

There are various contents such as ‘Story’ where you can enjoy stories after the original animation, ‘Live’ to foster idols and challenge the stage, and ‘communication’ that can communicate with idols with messages and calls. In particular, the attractive character of the original animation is implemented with a sophisticated 3D graphic at the console level, so that live performances can be more immersive.

Neowiz offers a lot of rewards to commemorate the official launch. First, all users who have made a reservation will receive a limited edition 5 -star mana photo. In addition, if you access the game, you can receive high -quality items such as 5 -star casting tickets and red diamonds.

For more information on the official launch of the Idol Pride, visit the official community.

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