The best synergy of classes in Teamfight Tactics

Classic synergy is very important in a game such as Teamfight Tactics. With proper synergy of classes, you can potentially end the battle within a few minutes. Synergy allows you to unlock several class perks that can give you additional buffs during the match in Teamfight Tactics. Nevertheless, there are a pair of synergies that are stronger than others. Without any words, here are our choice of the best synergies of classes in Teamfight Tactics.

first -class synergy to Teamfight Tactics

No. 1 killer

When your board has synergies of the killer, you get a bonus a critical strike chance and a bonus damage from a critical blow . This bonus increases with the number of assassins that you have on the board, with the maximum bonus at 6 killers on board.

  • 2 killers: 10% chance of critical blow and 20% critical damage
  • 4 Assassina: 30% Critical strike and 40% damage to critical damage
  • 6 Assassins: a 50% chance of a critical blow and 60% critical damage

Heroes: ECKO, Ka’zix, Noktyurn, Talon, Twitch

2 Thunder

When Synergy smashed active, your heroes on the board will receive bonus to the maximum health . Your fighters on the board will receive double the bonus . The maximum bonus for health is activated when there is 8 smithereens on board.

  • 2 thugs: 75 armor, 200 shields
  • 4 thugs: 150 armor, 400 shields
  • 6 Grimil: 250 armor, 800 shields
  • 8 thugs: 450 armor, 2000 shields

Heroes: Blitzkrank, Braum, Darius, Galio, Leon, Poppi

3 Chellenger

Synergy of the applicant gives bonus to the speed of attack to all applicants on the board. After a successful tekdown, they double the bonus for 2.5 seconds. The maximum additional speed of the attack is limited 135%.

  • 2 applicants: 25% of the speed of attack
  • 4 applicants: 50% of the speed of attack
  • 6 applicants: 90% of the speed of attack
  • 8 applicants: 135% of the speed of attack

Heroes: Camila, Draven, Kai’s, Kuinn, Tindamir, Warwick

4 twinshot

Twinchots receive additional damage from the attack . When any of Twinshot attacks, he has a chance to get a second attack. When 5 twinshots are on the board, they get 100% chance attack for the second time.

  • 2 double shots: 10 damage from attack, chance 40%
  • 3 double shots: 25 damage from attack, chance 55%
  • 4 double shots: 40 damage from attack, chance 70%

Strongest Synergies for TFT Patch 12.7 Meta – Teamfight Tactics Guide | TFT Tier List
* 5 double shots: 70 damage from attack, 100% chance

Heroes: crusts, ganglanc, jinx, Lucian

5 Wizard

Synergy sorcerer gives a bonus resistance of magic to all heroes on the board. The sorcerers themselves receive bonus of healing and protection .

  • 2 sorcerers: 25 resistance of magic; 25% healing and protection
  • 3 sorcerers: 45 resistance of magic; 45% treatment and protection
  • 4 sorcerers: 70 resistance of magic; 70% healing and protection
  • 5 sorcerers: 100 resistance of magic; 100% healing and protection

Heroes: Lula, Morgan, Orianna, Senna

This is our first -class synergistic choice. However, this list is not absolute. Feel free to try all the synergies in the game and see what suits your game style best. In addition, you can combine several synergies to see which strategies work best.

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