Pokemon Go announces great changes in megaevolution

Pokémon IR is implementing some important changes in its Mega Evolution mechanics. Today, pokémon IR announced that he was reviewing his Mega Evolution function, with Mega Raids, Mega Energy and Mega Evolved Pokemon, all seeing some important changes. Three important changes are being implemented with this update. First, the mega incursions will be simpler, so there will be less players to challenge a mega raid. In addition, players will only need megaenergy to megaevolve Pokémon for the first time. Once a specific Pokémon has mega evolved, players can mega evolve that Pokémon again after a rest period. Finally, Mega Levels are being implemented, which will give players additional benefits every time their mega pokemon evolves. You can see a trailer of the new system below:

The purpose of these changes is to make Mega Evolution more accessible for more players. Presented two years ago, megaevolutions would be supposed to add an additional level of complexity to battles and would give players a new challenge, but the extreme cost of megaenergy needed to megaevolve a Pokémon made only a fraction of the players will use the system. Pokémon IR made several other adjustments to the system to decrease the amount of energy needed to megaevolve a Pokémon, but it seems that Niantic felt a larger system of the system was needed.

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The new Mega Level system will make the mega Level of a Pokémon increase every time Mega evolves to a Pokémon. When a Pokémon with a mega higher level mega evolves, it will be more likely to win candy xl when it caught a Pokémon with the same type as a mega Pokémon evolved. They will also receive an increase in XP for catching Pokémon of the same type as a mega Pokémon evolved, and the necessary rest period before his Pokémon can mega evolve again will also decrease.

Although players will only need megaenergy the first time they megaevolve a Pokémon, they will still be able to use megaenergy to decrease the rest period needed to megaevolve Pokémon later. You can see more details about the revision in the following video:

The new Mega Evolution system is now available in Australia and New Zealand, and will soon be implemented all over the world.

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