Hahaim, achieve sales volume 10 million in one year

Nordic Xinhua-based survival games, ‘Valheim’ achieved a sales volume of 10 million. It is achieved for a year 3 months since February 2, 2021, which was first released at Steam.

The Publisher’s Publisher’s coffee stain publishing was announced through official SNS, which has exceeded 10,000 sales of open-world survival game ‘Dehae’ based on the Nordic Xinhua-based Open World Survival Game, developed by Iron Gate AB on the 25th. At the time of the first time I launched the game, I was in a standby, which I could not imagine at all, and I applied the greeting of thanks to users who gathered the power to reach a milestone that can reach a milestone of 10 million.

Dehae is a game that deals with the survival and adventure of the viking warriors that came to the Dehake to receive the victims of God. Despite the development of a wide open-world worldwide, which was created by getting a hint in the Viking Culture, it has become a topic since the release that the installation capacity of the game was only 1GB, even though it contained a wide open-world worldview.

These foothesses have not been on a simple topic, and they have led to the popularity of the game. It was achieved 39 million people in 2 weeks after the initiation of Early approach, but of course, he set up a counter Strike and Tota 2 in the steam chart. Since then, the maximum contact record has been updated to 502,387, and a monthly monthly sales volume was achieved.

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The important thing is that the Dehakima is a ‘Early Access’ game that has not been developed all. The number of current steam average concurrent users is not so high, but it is not so high enough, but it can be rebound once again at the moment of formal launch, It is expected to be.

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