Halo Infinite: Campaign Coop and Schmiede

This week there was a lot of news about Halo Infinite. After 343 industries previously presented for Season 2: Lones Wolves two new cards, one revealed three new game modes for the multiplayer and other playlist modes.

Now the developer published the roadmap for 2022 with an outlook on the extra long second season.

Extralang therefore because Season 2 last from 03 May to 07. November. So for six months. The Battle Pass will cover 100 steps.

In addition to the above mentioned innovations for Season 2, there will therefore be two narrative events in May and August.

Also in May the first week of the Events Fracture: Entrenched will take place.

The Halo Developer also made new information for the Koop function of the campaign and the forge.

This will be available for the campaign for the campaign late in August. Koop in the split screen even in September.

The blacksmith is expected to receive an open beta in September, which should also reach the third season, which starts on 08 November.

Halo Infinite | Season 2 Announce Trailer - Lone Wolves

As it means in the blog article, the roadmap reflects the priorities of the studio, which has already been communicated last month. Namely:

  • Fix problems that adversely affect the gaming experience.
  • Completion of Season 2 and delivery as promised on 3 May.
  • Continuation of work at the Koop campaign, the forge and season 3.

All of them is “priority zero”, in which the health of the team and the achievement of sustainable development rhythm is in the foreground, so that players offer great experiences while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

“We know that we have to provide more content and more functions in a shorter time. If we remain faithful to the priority zero, it means that we sometimes have to be slower to stay healthy and later to advance faster. But we are also looking intensively for ways to become faster. “

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