Xbox Series X for developers contains 40 GB of RAM

Many people from YouTube-channel Gamersnexus confirmed that the Xbox Series X version for developers contains as many as 40 gigabytes of RAM. The Xbox Series X user consoles are supplied only with 16 GB GDDR6, which are additionally divided into two parts in 6 and 10 GB. The memory chips themselves in these segments are the same, but 10 GB works through a 320-bit bus, and 6 GB through 192-bit.

Microsoft Banned Us: 40GB RAM Xbox Series X Developer Kit Tear-Down (XDK)

As before the XSX version for the developers, then when disassembling it turned out that her fee had twenty 2 gigabytes of Samsung’s memory chips, which are disappeared from two sides of ten pieces. Such a number of memory should help developers when optimizing the project and correct bugs, because it is able to “digest” textures and much more without compression.

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