Where to find a light machine gun in Fortnite

Last update Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 brought seasonal quests for the 5th week to play, and players will have nine different tasks. One quests requires the players to damage the buildings using manual machine guns. However, players are wondering where to find this weapon because it has not yet been added to the mining pool.

Easy machine gun was one of the strongest types of weapons in previous seasons, so fans do not wait to see how it works against IO tanks and combat buses in Fortnite, Chapter 3, Season 2. Community Experts and Popular Data Collers noted that Quest for damage to structures Currently included in the game, but the developers have not yet added a light machine gun in the playing modes of the royal battle.

Why in Fortnite there is still no hand machine gun

Destroy Structures with a Light Machine Gun - Fortnite

A light machine gun was added to the game files, and it can be found in creative mode. Fans expect Epic Games soon adding weapons in the royal battle regimes. Players are also asked if it will be possible to find LMG as ground mining as soon as it is added to the game.

Nevertheless, to fulfill the quest of the 5th week and destroy the buildings, the players will need to simply shoot from LMG on the buildings of the enemy. Players wishing to task in Zero Build mode can knocate any of the original buildings and buildings located at various points of interest.

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