Valorant: the gigantic change to Jett with which Riot could leave her out of the game

From the launch of Valorant , there has been an agent capable of dominating the game. Both in the professional environment and in the qualifying modes, Jett became an essential character thanks to the ability of him to improve the operator better than anyone else. In a title where survival is the most important factor, the simple skill kit of it based on the displacement of E (glue wind) became enough argument for him to appear in all games. A situation that now Riot Games wants to solve with his most aggressive nerf to the South Korean agent.

Jett’s next nerf on patch 4.08

The decision of Riot Games is not as much a balance adjustment as a great design change. From the release of the next update of Valorant, Jett’s displacement will not work as well as we know it until now. Instead of being activated after pressing the keyboard shortcut on a single occasion, he will have a double activation . The first time we give the button there will be a small delay that will allow us to reactivate the ability to use it instantaneously (by pressing for the second time) during the next 12 seconds.

Riot Actually Nerfed Jett! Big Change in Patch 4.08! | Valorant News
After all his attempts to reduce Jett’s power, Riot Games has come to the conclusion that this is the best way to do so by keeping his identity intact . In existence an activation prerequisite, players will have to take risks. If you use the ability to give a first shot and then flee you will have to have it ready, which can lead you to waste if we want to go about insurance. In this way, developers expect their weaknesses to be more marked and that mistakes committed while playing with it can be punished more easily by rivals.

The creators wanted to insist that this change is the minor evil. In addition to balancing Jett and giving rise to more strategic variety, it also allows them Remove a weight above when creating new duelists they can fit into the game. It also allows you to carry out equilibrium adjustments without fear. They put as an example that, before these changes, they did not even dare to touch Sova because it was one of the few tools to counteract it. In this way, they will get everything valorant stop turning around and can make the game grow.

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