Rosenthal contract runs out

Harry Reid vs Frank Rosenthal
In summer, the FC unit Wernigerode ends with the departure of Frank Rosenthal two sporty extremely successful years. As the club announced on Wednesday, the coach’s expiring contract will not be extended. With Rosenthal, his co-trainer Tino Leßmann will leave the club. Rosenthal led Wernigerode in the last season from the Association Liga into the Oberliga. Only a few weeks ago the current Oberliga-ninth third divider Hallescher FC defeated in the regional cup semifinals, which Wernigerode is 99.9 percent – end game opponents 1. FC Magdeburg may automatically compete as a designated third-league master in the DFB Cup – for the DFB Cup qualified.

A successor presented the club at the same time. Maximilian Dentz, currently at Ligaconkunkt TSG Neustrelitz in the responsibility, will compete in summer the Rosenthal succession. “I am happy to train a traditional club in my homeland from summer. The positive talks as well as the development potential of the team were crucial for my decision,” says the 33-year-old, who adds: “I look forward to the great atmosphere on the Mannsberg, on the cooperation with the team and the people in the environment of the association. “

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