London Eye begins on everything high with Auron and Reborn as great protagonists

Yesterday Sunday April 17 Began one of the series that more numbers and clips will give this year: London Eye RP . The Roleplay server of Grand Theft Auto 5 started over high with numbers worthy of a series of first and, as not, Auronplay leading the first numbers of the series . While only one day has passed and many have not been able to visit the city, the number of spectators hooked to the stories of one of the available roleplayers is huge.

Auron and Reborn return to the walk in London Eye

One of the laps that the most expected people was that of Auronplay and reborn , that after several years “separated” for some other difference, it seems that they have spoken things to reconcile and bring the old days that so happy He did us. Gustabo and Conway had returned to the wheel over high, following a story that is probably linked to other characters who have already interpreted on other servers as a result of all the success harvested with them. But has not been the only “surprise” that it has been seen on the server, since there has been an streamer that has appeared out of nowhere to put upstream legs all London.

We can not talk about another person who cristinini , one of the most visible female _streamer_streamer that at first not intended to appear in the series, but that finally came to the city almost without warning. karchez was another of the great arrivals to London on yesterday, making the role of a policeman wanting to work hard and find criminals, just like axozer that although it was not roleo all day He offered the whole context of his character and the intentions he had with him to create a history of the most exciting.

auronplay london eye GTA parte 1

But there are still many people to enter the server: Juan Guaranizo and Arigameplays are two of the most expected content creators within London Eye RP due to the enormous success they had with their respective characters in Marbella Vice. Who does not remember Raul’s judgments with many of him and the nefarious results that came to take on some occasions? It will be necessary to see how the server evolves these days, but everything points out that many new faces will be seen in the future and we hope that they are worthy of such a large series as London Eye.

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