Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin will start your Kickstarter campaign in April

Mansion Games LMansion Gamest the micromecenazgo campaign of your next video game, operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin for PlayStation 4. The intention is to launch it in other systems , although everything will depend on the results obtained. The project will arrive in Kickstarter on April 26, date on which you can invest in the campaign.

The title is bMansion Gamesed on the legends of the Second World War and pays tribute to the anonymous heroes of the conflict. They promise exclusive and limited rewards for all those who contribute their granite of sand in financing.

Among the objectives is “closer to the project to sponsors’ collaborators to bet” for it and by its adaptation to “PlayStation 5, PC / Mac, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. They also want to expand the levels and rely on the community so that the launch is successful.

The Fall of Berlin | Sneak Peek into the upcoming series

Run & Gun with music from the Turrican composer and illustration of Azpiri

Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin Baby from the genus Run & Gun in two dimensions, but combines it with tactical missions and with “a powerful story”, Mansion Games well Mansion Games with an “extreme care of the artistic section”, which fusional the pixel- Art with the illustration . The Soundtrack is in charge of Chris Stressbeck, author of Turrican music, and the cover is an unpublished work of the already died Alfonso Azpiri.

In April 1945, Adolf Hitler’s regime is almost death to death, but a lMansion Gamest momentum is still missing. The Lieutenant of Polish resistance, Joe Kawalski, stars a suicide mission because he hMansion Games nothing to lose. He struggles to take a pending debt from the pMansion Gamest, a pMansion Gamest that torments him. He will have to locate and neutralize the Nazi hierarchs before they escape, all this while he recovers the technology of the third Reich. The final battle is about to begin.

The game is part of the program PLAYSTATION TALENTS , so it hMansion Games been valid from the mentoring of the Japanese company. It will be edited by Meridiem Games.

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