In China, “real-condition delivery of unauthorized games” is prohibited. I can not stream the game that does not go down

China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) announced on April 15 to prohibit live streaming for a game where the country’s approval is not down. Game-related regulations In severe China, the game real condition and delivery have also been interference in the country. Reuters etc. are conveyed.

In China, strict regulations are imposed on the release of the game. Specifically, businesses that provide paid games require approval of game licenses issued by the Chinese government. It is not possible to launch the game unless you receive a license from the government. And adding it to this regulation this time, live streaming from the country was prohibited about games that have not been issued licensed.

NRTA refers to social awareness and adolescence, such as live relay confusion and adolescent game poisoning, and mention that powerful measures that strictly regulate these are urgently needed. Based on the relevant laws and regulations related to minor protection laws and live broadcasting and online games, various measures were conducted. As one of these measures, network audiovisual programs such as network TV dramas, network variety programs, network live broadcasts, short videos and short videos are defined not to live online games that have not received their owner’s authorization.

The movement of the actual content collection in China has been seen before. As an example, there is a regulation by “Measures on Managing Internet Performance Business Activities” (网 网 办))). In Article 6 of the Act, it is prohibited to include the “Technology Exhibition or Description of Online Game Using Online Game Products that has not acquired the Cultural Administrative Division’s Content Examination Authorization Number or Application Number” rice field. Strictly capturing this law, the real-condition delivery of the game that has not been approved has already been prohibited.

However, in China, delivery of games that have not been licensed so far have also been viewed generally. According to Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst of the Market Research Company Niko Partners, the number of daily average viewers of the “Elden Ring” of “Elden Ring” that has not been licensed is reached a hit as streaming content, such as reaching 17.1 million. It was said that. However, due to this announcement, it is explicitly, and the streaming of games that do not deserve licensed were prohibited.

China restricts online gaming to 3 hours per week | DW News
In China, tightening towards the game industry is becoming more and more severe. China’s leading game company Tencent announced on April 13, which can stop service that can play overseas games that are not recognized in Japan (Reuters). Tencent is currently providing an app that “games, speed booster”. The same applies have been utilized by users in China, to play games that are not authorized in China. However, according to the announcement of Tencent, the app is updated on May 31st. New versions can only play domestic games in China.

In China, the license approval to new games in the past 9 months has not been licensed, and the approval has been resumed on April 11 (related articles). While seeing the surroundings, the country will continue to continue with the tough regulations in the game industry.

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