Death Stranding Added to the PlayStation Studios banner, is probably not what it looks like

Rumors have been circulating for some time on new acquisitions for PlayStation, including the potential purchase of Kojima Productions. The independent studio of Hideo Kojima has developed Death Stranding, an exclusive PlayStation console on PS4 and, with the Director’s Cut, on PS5 too. Fast forward until now, and an updated image on the PlayStation website causes even more stench.

The PlayStation Studios banner, which has many notable owners games, has been updated in some places. This includes the appearance of Death Stranding – the only title of the image undeveloped by a subsidiary studio of Sony Interactive Entertainment. It replaces concrete genie at the extreme left of the image. Naturally, some fans come to the conclusion that this means that the acquisition of Kojima Productions will be imminently announced, bringing the developer under the exclusive aegis of Sony.

Other banner updates include new images for Demon’s Souls, Horizon, Gran Turismo 7 and MLB The Show. (Image: SIE)

Death Stranding - What is Hideo Kojima Most Proud Of?
The truth is probably much less interesting. Death Stranding has been published on PS5 and PS4 by Sony via its brand PlayStation Studios. This label was also used for Sackboy: A Big Adventure, developed by Sumo Digital, and Returnal, developed by housemarks. The old team does not belong to Sony, and although housemarks are now part of the owner family, it was not the case when Returnal was launched. In other words, the platform holder uses PlayStation Studios with more than the games created by its proprietary developers. Death Stranding has probably found on the banner because it is a recognizable and high level play associated with the brand.

We are not going to exclude the possibility that something bigger is preparing, but at first glance it does not seem to refer to anything. We would be much more convinced if the updated banner was quickly removed after being marked.

Anyway, what do you think? Do you agree that there is nothing exciting, or does the inclusion of the game on the banner mean it’s the time of acquisition? Discuss in the comments section below.

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