Who is this girl in the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer?

Kingdom Hearts 4 is officially announced, and with it and a trailer, full of spicy details. For the first time, players see Quadratum in motion and how the game will look like on Unreal Engine 5. Also demonstrated several characters, including a mysterious young girl who cared for Soro, who is unconscious.

Strelitzia This is a character from a mobile game Union of Hearts of the Kingdom of X . Although she was not in the center of the plot, the players needed something to learn about it. For example, she sister Loriam, which turns into marluccia. The shooting is the driving force of this transformation, since it kills the darkness, which later opposes the Merluccia after he learns about the fate of his sister.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Reveal Trailer - Analysis & Secrets!
She was the owner of a key blade, who had a third star key blade and was known for his shy temper. It is noted that its data was most likely downloaded by city dawn city . Since the square is located in another reality, shooting seems to be still alive there and, it is likely that it will be an important part of the history of the Merluccia.

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