65 inch OLED TV: Now 4K

Through the Saturn Super Sale you can get straight departure to all in stock televisions from a price of 599 euros upwards. This leads in some cases at very reasonable prices. For example, there are the high-quality Philips OLED706 in size 65 inches for 1,319 euros instead of 1,519 euros. According to comparison platforms, Saturn is currently the cheapest provider for the model. By a parallel Philips action you can secure you after the purchase but even 150 euro cashback additionally, which effectively pays you only 1,169 euros.

Philips OLED706 (4K, 65 inches, HDMI 2.1, Ambilight) instead of 1.519 € for 1.319 € (with cashback: 1,169 €)

The direct deduction is automatically calculated in the shopping cart. For the cashback you have to register your device on the action page of Philips by May 18th. The offer runs at most until 20 o’clock on April 12, then the Saturn ends Super Sale. But it could also be sold out earlier. Further super-sale offers can be found here:

Saturn Super Sale: TV, laptops and more on offer

How good is the Philips OLED706?

Picture: The Philips OLED706 is a 4K television of the upper class and Philips cheapest OLED model from 2021. The image quality is very high, which is not least due to OLED technology, which ensures perfect black and infinitely high contrast. The top brightness for HDR is just under 800 cd / m2, which is a very good value for an OLED TV, which is approximately at the level of LG OLED C1.

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Gaming: The Philips OLED706 has a 120 Hz display and supports HDMI 2.1. With the PS5 or Xbox Series X, there is thus gaming in 4k with up to 120 fps possible. VRR and ALLM are also supported. According to independent tests, the INPUT should be at about 10 ms with 60 Hz and about 6 ms with 120 Hz. These are excellent values through which the model is approximately equal to the current 4K TVs of LG and Samsung.

Ambilight: With Ambilight, the Philips OLED706 still offers a special feature that is not found in competitors such as Samsung and LG. Here, the wall behind the TV is illuminated in the colors of the image to ensure suitable lighting in space and make the screen even greater. Especially in dark rooms, that’s pretty impressive.

Philips OLED706 (4K, 65 inches, HDMI 2.1, Ambilight) for 1.319 € (with Cashback: 1,169 €)

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