Kingdom-Hearts fans are scary: Internet knows Soras address

Square Enix reveals a first trailer to Kingdom Hearts 4 – and the Internet rests. Some hooked fans have now even found out in their anticipation where Sora lives in the real world.

Kingdom Hearts 4: Sora Flext with luxury apartment

After only a few hours since the release of the trailer to Kingdom Hearts 4, the Internet Sora’s Address found out. You ask you how that can go? Well, the new offshoot of the Kingdom-Hearts series plays part in the real Tokyo, Japan.

_OB Fits the whole thing to the usual fantasy charm of games, is probably a matter of taste. But form a separate opinion: _

The Tokyo in the trailer seems to be modeled in the true city. An fan has recovered the building and the surrounding area of the apartment, where Sora stays. Accordingly, the Kingdom-Hearts protagonist in Aoyama – one of the most expensive residential areas ** the metropolis.

To recognize this is located on the building in the distance, which looks like the Skyscraper Shibuya stream. The park also recognizes the park again: it is the park Aoyama Gakuin.

A Twitter user commented on the Tweet with the statement _ “Sora has been in the real world for 4 hours and already you have Gedoxxt.” _ The cited Tweet has now got over 70,000 likes **.

What is Doxxing?
The term “doxxing” means disclosure of private information from third parties on the Internet. So if the real name, the address, the mobile number, or the workplace of a person is published online, this person became Gedoxxt. By the way, this is punishable.

We gotta Talk about Kingdom Hearts Missing Link..

Since SORA is a fictional figure, this is natural only a joke. at least as long as nobody comes to the idea of harassing the actual residents of the apartment shown.

_The story of Kingdom Hearts games is a very complex and confusing. As a small recap, we have summarized the most important points of the story in the following picture line: _

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