Kingdom Hearts, 20th Anniversary, returns to new titles and AR games

The series that was stopped for about three years turns on the stretching again.

Square Enix released a video on the 20th anniversary of the 10th official YouTube channel.

The Series is a key-shaped weapon ‘Key Blade’, the main character ‘Sora’, which leaves the Disney World View Characters and Adventures, and the first title of 2022, I was in position. In particular, the “Kingdom Hatsu 2” released in 2006, has recorded the meta-Crytic score 87 points as well as selling a number of users, including selling more than 4.5 million or more to last year.

The most prominent part of the disclosed content is a new , to come back in three years.

The Kingdom Hatsu 4> begins with the eyes of the Sora on the ‘Quadratum’ (Quadratum). Users should seek Kaudratum with a unknown girl with a unknown girl. The key Blade, which symbolizes the Sora, of course, Donald, a new Donald, and Gaffi Duo emerged on the video, is also likely to be developed in a flow similar to the existing series.

However, detailed change is expected to exist. Especially, it is a scene that is fought between the building that is collapsed to the publicized video. As long as the Unreal Engine 5 is utilized during the development process, it is likely to improve graphic. In addition, the “Star Wars> IP is not to appear to be captured by the object that is estimated at the” Star Wars> Series Imperial Armor AT-ST.

Detailed information on the , such as platforms and launch schedules, will be released later.


New Mobile Games This day was also released through video.

is a game that explores the map connected to the real world and fifts the monster in a particular spot in a game that expands combat. In the case of battle, basically, one of the plays, but it seems to have a system that can summon Donald and Gauda, and Sora. In addition, at the end of the image, a kind of ‘raid system’ is likely to appear as a multiple user to challenge the giant monster.

will be conducted in the year,

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