Especially for allergy sufferers: German weather service expands pollen flight forecast

For allergy sufferers, such a pollen early warning system can be extremely useful and increase the quality of life. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), “all-gased people with the card can already pursue six days in advance, whether and when higher concentrations of certain pollen at their place of residence are expected and make appropriate arrangements”.

Currently there are forecasts of pollen concentration for the next six days in the form of daily assets for four pollen species available: Erle, Birch, Grasses and Ambrosia.

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As the DWD communicates, the new predictive model provided at the disposal offers some advantages of previous solutions: For example, the remote transport of pollen should be considered over several hundred kilometers, which can play a major role in Germany at Birke and Ambrosia.

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