Castles of Burgundy gets a special edition

Ravensburger has announced a luxury version of his popular and award-winning game. Mosaics that was originally launched in 2011. In particular, the Crowdfunding campaign will be executed in Gamefound, a crowdfunding campaign focused on alternative board games to Kickstarter. Ravensburger previously announced that they were investing in Gamefound earlier this year. BORGOÑA FASTILLOS: Special Edition will be co-produced by Awaken Realms, the board games editor that originally founded Gamefound.

Originally published in 2011 and designed by Stefan Feld, Burgundy_Castillos is a European-style strategy game in which players build a principality around their castle, collecting several chips from a common deposit. At the beginning of each round, players throw two six-sided dice, which determine the type of tab that can add to the board and where they can place the chips. Different mosaics get different amounts of victory points, and players can use workers to manipulate their dice roll to get a different number if they need to access different types of mosaics. The game is developed in five rounds, with a winner determined at the end of the game based on Victoria points.

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While the rules of _ Burgundy_ Fastests will remain unchanged, the artistic style and graphic design will be updated in the special edition for a better user experience. Other components of the game will also be updated, with the central castle replaced by a piece of 3D resin and metal coins and better quality mosaics as well. There will also be ambitious targets not specified for the next campaign.

More information will be announced about this new version of Castillos de Borgoña in the coming weeks before the launch of the Crowdfunding campaign in May. So far, there is no information about whether burgundy, special edition, you will get a commercial launch, or what the price of the new game will be.

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