MetaCraft, 2022 Tree Changchu Web Novel Competition 2,700 records in a week

MetaCraft (Representative Yu Jung Suk) announced on the 8th that the web novel platform ‘Nobel Phua’ is held at the ‘2022-Thousands’ Web Novel Competition’ from May 20th to May 20th.

The competition from noon on the last day is 30 minutes to 300 works, and 1,200 works were registered in 10 hours, and in the 5th day, the 5-day car exceeded 2,200 works, It is showing speed.

In particular, it is analyzed that the explosive response from the beginning of the start is not a competent deadline, which is an explosive response, which can challenge a low application barrier and a wide genre embrace.

The Complaints of the Component is the largest prize of the total prize money, the total prize money of the total prize, as well as a third-party free series, as well as adult works, as well as adult works, and all genres web novels are available. I plan to plan.

Abdulrazak Gurnah | The Nobel Laureate | Reading of His Novel: Memory of Adventure #Nobel_Prize_2021
The same period is the Nobel Pia plans to carry a higher revenue for all new writers and existing serial writers, conducting a compliance event that earns up to 24 won for the writer’s settlement.

In addition, Nobel Pia plans to introduce the game ‘project S.O.N (Gaseous) using its web novel IP as part of the Elemental Multi Yuzu business, and it is a policy to approach the users as a variety of contents.

“The competition is very encouraging,” The competition, “said Nobel Pia, said,” The competition is very encouraging to have an explosive response from the first day of the beginning in the drought web novel market, “said Nobel Pia.”.

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