It looks like Nintendo reprinted multiple 3DS cartridges

Nintendo 3DS was officially discontinued in September 2020, however, for many users it is still one of its favorite consoles. Sadly, acquiring new software for this platform has become more difficult in recent years, although it seems that the large n has been represented several of its cartridges, especially those that are more difficult to get.

Several users on the internet realized that some 3ds games now have a box and a packaging different from the already known, as you can appreciate in the following images:

At the moment, it seems that this has only been happening in European stores and some of the games that have received this treatment are the following:

_ – Dragon Quests VII and VIII _

_ Fire Emblem Awakening _ _

_ – Bravely Default _

_ – Majora’s Mask 3D _ _

_ – Devil Survivor 2 _ _

_ – Stella Glow _

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_ – Kirby: Planet Robobot _

_ – Luigi’s Mansion Remake (?) _

On the other hand, some stores in the United States have confirmed that, as far as they know, the production of 3DS games has already come to their end for a long time and large N has no intentions to reprint more copies.

Whatever the case, it seems that Nintendo is making a last effort to squeeze what is left of life to the dear 3DS.

Editor’s Note: Sadly, this is how the life cycles of a console work, although the case of Nintendo in particular is quite controversial due to the closure of the ESHOP of the 3DS and Wii. Thousands of games will be lost forever because of this, and the niphneating is no longer intended to preserve them.

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