The latest downloadable content campaign Borderlands 3 arrives next month

Borderlands 3 season farm owners will receive their latest DLC campaign known as Psycho Krieg and The Fantastic Fustercluck next month. The final DLC will be released on September 10, the first anniversary of Gearbox Software’s last Borderlands title. The players will plunge deeply into the spirit of a psychopath that seeks to find the mythical “Vaulthalla”, with this next DLC campaign. Gearbox Software recently released a trailer for the next DLC campaign to hype with the Fans of Borderlands 3 for the last season of Season Pass. Borderlands 3 is available now for Xbox One, PS4, Google Stadia and PC.

Parallel to the Psycho Krieg and Fantastic FusterCluck DLC campaign, there is another maximum level increase, bringing it to 65. The new DLC campaign will include several secondary quests, but it focuses primarily on a psycho known as Krieg, and his perception of reality. The legendary weapons and equipment found in the Krieg consciousness can apparently be removed, which leads us to ask how players will have the psycho twisted brain.

Borderlands 3 - Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic FusterCluck (DLC #4) Full Walkthrough

“Psycho Krieg and Fantastic FusterCluck dares: What makes Borderlands Blood Psychos so uniformly disturbed?” said Gearbox Software’s recent blog article. “The brilliant scientist Patricia Tannis thinks they have been made crazy by the knowledge of a mythical place that she calls” Vaulthalla “, and the key to discover this legendary place lies in the mind of Krieg, the most psychopath the most hard to cook all. So naturally, Tannis sends you on mission in the chaotic mind of Krieg in search of clues. Only surviving the perils of Krieg’s twisted interior world that you can harvest the fruits of Vaulthalla. ยป

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