Why did Halo have to present a new human character before Master Chief?

When the first episode of aureola begins the paramount +, the public is not immediately presented to the teacher. On the other hand, the show begins from the perspective of a survivor community, while they get their first look at the cruelty and power of the covenant. It is a powerful opening and establishes the conflict from the beginning for the audience of the program. In an interview with Joe Schmidt of comicbook.com, the Kiki Wolfkill producer explained the narrative reasons behind the decision and how the aureola the series is helping to show the perspectives of the characters in a way that Xbox games can not.

How Kiki Wolfkill Went from Racecar Driver to Executive Producer of the Paramount+ Halo TV Series

“I think there really were two things there. I think the first was only at an emotional level and at the history level, we wanted to be able to express what is at stake in the program, which is humanity. So start in a place that feels normal and accessible in a human being, as a set of very human moments from the beginning. Once again, it’s not something we explored a lot in the games “, said Wolfkill. “And see the world through Kwan’s eyes like a normal teenager, I think it really helps us land as spectators when the covenant appears, when you understand the horror of this alien force. At the same time, we wanted to be able to give some visibility to some of those dynamics between the internal and external colonies and the role of the UNSC. And again in games, you do not get such a nuanced perspective about who are the UNSCs outside of their own range and therefore, be able to express “this is humanity in the 26th century” and how the Spartans are perceived in the UNSC is not one-dimensional. They are very different things in different parts of the universe. “

The aureola The series takes place in what the video game developer 343 Industries calls the “silver timeline”. Essentially, the program still maintains elements of the Xbox games, but it also exists in its own universe. The idea is that this will allow you to incorporate certain elements before, at the same time that the concepts of halo in different ways are extended. The introduction of the program is a perfect example of this, and that particular element seems to have been a success among the spectators.

Only two episodes of aureola have been released in Paramount + until now, and the third set will be launched this week. As the show continues, it will be interesting to see how the series continues to incorporate elements of the games, at the same time that it opens its own distinctive path.

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