[Vivid] Is this palm?

  • Repeated early stage stage clear part was edited
  • Game name: Paladok Tactics

  • Developer | Distributor: Payer Cat | Gravity

  • Category: Growth Strategy Simulation

  • Platform: Mobile

  • Release date: March 30, 2022

Paladok Tatics is a game that reinterprets the IP of mobile game Paladin, which was invited in 2011. Defense, which was the main element of existing Palads IP games, including Paladders, was originally added, and other growth and strategic elements were added. The player must grow Paladds and other characters to clear each stage.

BGM, rats, rabbits, kangaroo, etc. Heroes such as BGM, rabbits, kangaroo, and the ghost boss that gave me a tongue, and the paladin of carrying a fist weapon is enough to save memories at that time. Rather, it is almost similar without having to change. It is also the same that the coust is set to the reaction, and it is also the same that it consumes the resources that are emerged in real time.

But then, the defense element that the quiet and chewy defense element can not be found. The genre itself can be as of course as a result, but it can not be unable to lose the characteristics of Paladds. However, there is a strategic element that has a condition that summoned the Heroes under 20 perfect clear conditions by Stage, or a strategic element such as a position where the Heroes summons is changed according to the organism, and it seems to be able to reduce the disapy disappropriate.

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In addition to basic exploration stages, multiple play modes are available, such as adventure of infinite wave format, demonity, arena, exploration, and infinite tower of the day of the week dungeon concept.

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