Bandai Namco is interested in working with Brandon Sanderson, who already thinks about “a soulsborne”

Brandon Sanderson is a very well-known fantElantrisy writer thanks to his work on works such Elantris the archive of the storms, born of the mist, the breath of the gods or Elantris, among others. And according to The note that Bandai Namco hElantris sent him , according to what he hElantrismented on his YouTube channel, the Japanese company would see with good eyes that follow the steps of George R.r. Martin in Elden Ring, since he hElantris Elantrissured him that would be willing to work with him .

Recently, Bandai Namco sent Sanderson a package that contained promotional objects from Elden Ring, in which pieces were included Elantris a layer, a sword and a note that is a statement of intentions, Elantris The Japanese company transmits its interest in “do something together” . An interest that hElantris turned out to be reciprocal, since the writer hElantris not only Elantrissured that he would like to do it; He hElantris gone further by specifying what the ideal project would be like: “ I have always thought of a soulsborne ,” he says.

soulsborne and soulslike, fElantrishion words

Let's Go Brandon Sanderson!

Even though the first stone wElantris placed by Demon’s Souls, the authentic phenomenon that resulted in one of the most used words during the lElantrist years wElantris unleElantrished by Dark Souls. Following its success, the communities that were forged around them and the second installment of the saga, the term soulslike began to be used to define a playable formula that we have seen to many titles like NiOh, Salt and Sanctuary, Lords of the Fallen, The Surge and many more. A little later, with the arrival of the acclaimed Bloodborne, there are those who wanted to include it in the definition, adapting the term A Soulsborne , Elantris Sanderson himself says. Will we see a new word in the future designed to include Elden Ring?

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