What does Death Trash actually do? As it is about the Berlin Indie

The community around Death Trash waits longing for a continuation of history. The game, which was announced in 2015 in a tweet of developer Stephan Hövelbrink and went to the Early Access six years later, now receives monthly updates that drive the history of the Indie-RPG. We played the current version 0.8.0 (at the end of March, patch 0.8.1 appeared, the preview was created before the update, note d. Red.) And explain what exactly expects you and how it continues with the small game from Berlin.

What is it in Death Trash?

Our character runs through walks and spaces made of cold steel. In the end, an Androide awaits us and tells us that we will never be allowed to go back to our home. We are infected. A survivor. Any attempt to enter the old habitat would be deadly. We are an outcast. Arrived at the surface, the steel doors open, moded air suggests us and we have to… puke.

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Death Trash is a Post Apocalyptic RPG Dream Come True [Exclusive Preview]
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So the Game Death Trash starts from the Berlin developer crafting legends. Everything started with an incident, which should last for several years and sustainably change the planet: the big bleed. With this mysterious beings from meat, which is revered by people and be described as a Titans. Where these beings go, meat grows that people look as liver-donating. Oh yes and you eat it too… and puke it.

These Titans quickly form a religious cult cult who worship the beings as a gods. Our character seems to be connected to an inexplicable way with you. At the beginning we stumble over a meat powder who wants to be our friend. That all sounds very cryptic and somehow turned off – and that’s it.

What awaits you in Death Trash

In addition to the free explore the world and the dungeon, of course, there are also all sorts of opponents that are to be eliminated. Optionally with different melee weapons or shooting iron we trains a way through the mutant-absorbed wasteland, eliminating annoying outlaws and demolishing machines. With an evasive role we miss the attacks of our opponents, which in turn is bound to a perisher strip. In addition, we can develop your own character in different directions. In addition to the role-playing typical attributes such as strength or skill, there is still occultism, through which we better communicate with the meat and even can recruit small helpers in the form of meat chucks. So we can play a daredevil carpenter who is blinding with people and empathically relocated new dialogue options or the creeping remote fighter that can talk to the meat.

As usual for a postalaphalyptic world, our resources are narrowly sown at the beginning and a total of rare. So if you fall into the crowd in the crowd without considering losses, you quickly turn off the spoon. But so that we do not have to pave our way every time with shot, we can create different modules, as “freezing” that opponents make and gives us an advantage. Alternatively, we go to the Schleich mode and surprise our opponents from the ambush. Here you can experiment freely and rely on different tactics.

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