DHL and Deutsche Post: Service for privacy before

The letter annulment by e-mail is a service of Deutsche Post and DHL. Privacy now ensures a serious change of the offer.

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Dortmund – At the beginning of March 2020, Deutsche Post and DHL have launched the service in the course of their digital strategy that letters are announced by e-mail. Data protection now makes the company a dash through the bill and you need to spend a part of the service again.

DHL and German Post: Mail announcement by e-mail changes dramatically

The service of DHL and Deutsche Post looked like this for a long time: Customers got a free e-mail in the mailbox or in the Post & DHL app including a photo of the envelope. So customers should know at any time about what post they received. The service should provide more transparency or more security – especially for important postal post -.

One to two days before the arrival of the program, customers were always informed that they soon get post. Even a digital copy of the letter content could request customers if they have a so-called E-Post account. However, specifications of data protection change the letter annulment by e-mail, however, dramatically.

DHL and Deutsche Post: Customers must switch to mailing by e-mail

Due to privacy requirements, the image preview must now be set again. In a message of Deutsche Post AG, it is said: “Unfortunately, we can no longer offer the service e-mail with a picture preview, because the privacy requirements have changed and it is therefore not legally allowed, pictures of shipments in an e-mail to see. “

The new specifications have been tightened to protect the senders, which has moved the postal companies to the step. However, you are currently working on a solution to allow customers to restore the service.

And: people with a password-protected customer account at Deutsche Post and DHL can still see all shipments by image “high-resolution and enlargable” in an overview and retroactive for the last 14 days.

POST and DHL customers have to renounce service: letter announcement is restricted

For all other postal and DHL customers, the image preview falls away for the moment. However, the letter notice by e-mail remains, however, in altered design. Thus, people who have activated the service will only receive an e-mail in which they are informed how much post it is expected to receive in the next few days.

Customers who have previously enabled the image preview must not change or be worried that they get problems due to privacy requirements. Deutsche Post announces that the conversion is done automatically – both in the e-mail mailbox as well as in the app of DHL and German Post.

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