TFT patch 12.6: Changes to champions, advantages and retouching many hextech increases

Teamfight Tactics is a videogame that usually receives more update patches than League of Legends, from where this AutoBattler came out. It is natural to see weeks where you do not touch anything in LOL, but it does appear a TFT version B.

Many were curious about how TFT would face this long cycle of the patch 12.5, and would suffice with those three half-patch updates. The truth is that more or less has remained stable, although now it is 12.6 who rounds the play with many changes. Maybe they are not too many, but there are a few who closely touch the HEXTECH ** increases.

Patch summary

Changes to champions:

  • General changes of attack damage
  • Improvements: Caitlyn, Swain, Silco, Sejuani, Zac
  • Nerfeos: Irelia, Jayce, Ezreal, Corki, Draven
  • Settings: Malzahar, Gallio, Zeri

Changes to advantages and objects:

  • Improvements: Night Filus
  • Settings: Agent, Hextech, Inventor

Every Champion Gets NERFED in Patch 12.6 | TFT Guide Teamfight Tactics Patch Rundown
Changes to systems:

  • Retouching increases
  • Bugs arrangement

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