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The enthusiasm for temporary no-build mode in Battle Royale Fortnite swept through the Internet . Not only a lot of successful influencers looked forward to the surprise for the 2nd season of Chapter 3 of Fortnite. Suddenly the building in Battle Royale did not work anymore, instead, the focus was on sprints and on the shooting skills of the players – not on the first in second fractions a 20-storey defense tower on the map.

The normal players also felt encouraged to give Fortnite (Buy Now) without build an attempt. And lo and behold: The apparent unique selling point of Fortnite is obviously not so important if the usual Battle-Royale gameplay is still true.

Fortnite New Game Mode ZERO BUILD No Build Battle Royale

Zero build aka zero build is the new Fortnite mode

On March 29, 2022, the developers of Epic Games announced that zero now build now a permanent game mode for soloists, duos, trios and teams is. You can use the discover page to help you select the “Change” button in the lobby (over the “Play” button).

Building in zero, it is primarily about your skill in locomotion as well as when dealing with weapons and objects. However, there is still a goodie with which you can protect you a little. In the message to Zero Build on the Fortnite website, the developers point to the following: “Since you can not build here, you are building in zero the protective shield, which is currently charging, as a defense measure available. Earned with high-out Aid on airships or gives you a height advantage by climbing. Do not forget to sprint on your way to the epic victory from a cover to the next! ” How does it look, do you now look forward to the Battle Royale more frequently?

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