Achestra Meron Mercus Humanoid Robot Prototype,

Meron Maclon said that the production of Humanoid Robot ‘Optimus’ equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) by the end of next year.

US Economic Paper Fortune reported that the Meron Mem Meron said on the 28th (local time) that he said through interview with the German media ‘belt canceremia’.

He said, “It will be good for the concept of concept by the end of December next year,” he said he would be ready to produce Optimus by the end of next year.

The musk said, “Humanoid robot comes. See Boston Dai My Mix. They are making a better model every year, “he added.

Last January, Musk was the most important to Tesla, as the Tesla product roadmap update site, and it was not a full autonomous (FSD) completion and Humanoid Robot Optimus development, not the automotive development. Fortune analyzed that Tesla has been in the process of being in the process of registering to the artificial intelligence (AI) company in the current automobile manufacturer.

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The Humanoid Robot, the first August, the first August, the AI ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology, which is used in Tesla’s AutoTopilut software and hardware, and the height of about 172 cm and weight is about 57 kg and it will be made of light material.

However, Fortune spent doubt that AI (AI) Division (AI) division (AI) division (AI) division (AI) andRej Karpathy (Andrej Karpathy) spent the doubt that he had left a holiday vacation in the last four months.

It is because Tesla does not even understand that the total officer empties a long time for a long time at the time of Tesla has advanced and conducting Humanoid Robot development.

In addition, there was a day that Doug Field Tesla Hardware Development Vice President, who left vacations for the past rechargement, has ever been to the Apple. Currently, the Doug Field is responsible for electrical vehicle operational engineering.

Currently, Kapa-shi appears to be the intent to return to Tesla.

However, the media for Tesla executives is higher than other companies, so investors are sending concerns that they are sending concerns.

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