Nintendo SwitchTM / PlayStation® 4 “Megaton Museum Masashi” Free Update Vol. 4 Delivery! New color of new power and Arthurizer appeared!

Level Five Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Representative Director / CEO: Hino Yoshiro) is the Nintendo SwitchTM / PlayStation® 4 software “Megaton class Masashi” on the launch of popularity, Today March 28 (Mon) We will notify you that you have started delivery of free update Vol.4.

# “Free Update Vol.4 New Shadow” New Stronger Earth, a large number of new weapons, such as new weapons!

From March 28 (Mon), we will start deliver “Free Update Vol. 4 New Shadow”! In this update, new powerful enemy “club fusion type S” appears, and new color of Arthurizer is added! In addition, new proximity weapons, decals, and motherboards are also added, and customized width will spread! In new features, the motherboard’s office set function will appear and you can enjoy various builds easily! Please play and check!

# Pick up the update contents of “New Shadow”!

# # “Club fusion type S” appeared in super-class mission!

# # New Color of Arthurizer appears! Powerful proximity weapons are also added!

In this update, new colors and close weapons of Arthurizer are added as new parts! Both can be obtained when you clear the super-class mission that “Club Fusion S” appears! Because it is very powerful in iconic legendary, please collect and enjoy customization!

# # Add Motherboard and New Features! Add decals that extend customizes!

Free Update Vol.4 New Lands Details are here

# Game “Megaton class Musashi” Dating is under sale!

Steel Samurai and alias.
In 2118 AD, the Earth is invaded by the mysterious alphaband power from space. Motojin-Aoi-ji Temple Yamata, one day he has been informed that life in the town that has been spent so far is actually “false peace”. Yamatachi boards a Megaton-class robot called “Rogue” and will face a fierce battle with the earth recapture.
In this work, in addition to the stories that the main characters unfold, you can enjoy customization and refreshing battle unique to the huge robot. Missions and performance and performance will also create your own strongest rogue. Multiplayers can play cooperatively with up to three people using online and local communication! Destroy the enemy with your friends with your own rogue!

# “Megaton Museum Masashi” Overview

● Tall: Megaton class Masashi ● Price: 6,340 yen (tax not included) / 6,974 yen (tax included) ● Jelly: RPG (cross media project) ● Take care type: Nintendo Switch / PlayStation®4 ● Release Date: Thursday, November 11th (Thu) ● Production / Sales: Level Five ● Cero: B (Target 12-100) ● State State Country: © 2021 Level-5 Inc. ● Game Official Site URL: ● Portal site URL: ● Public T Witter: https: // MUSASHI_PROJECT

# TV anime “Megaton class Musashi” season 1 Re-broadcasting!

TV anime “Megaton class Musashi” is being rebroadcasted by Tokyo MX and BS Fuji!
If you miss it, please see this opportunity to see if you want to see again!
Tokyo MX Every Friday 22:00 ~ BS Fuji Every Friday 24:30 ~

YouTube / Other Delivery Information is here

# TV Anime Season 2 broadcasted October 202!

The picture of the patient “Megaton Masashi Season 2 elucidation special” which is approaching the theme of the work theme based on the total setting materials of the season 1 and the various setting materials of the season 2, the video of the special number “Megaton class Musashi Season 2 elucidation special”!

Megaton class Masashi Season 2 elucidation special Megaton class Musashi official portal site

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