Netmarble, 2020 ESG management and report publication

Netmarble published the first ENVIRONMENTAL and SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE (ESG) report on the 28th, Sustainability Management Strategy and Major Performance and Planning.

The report contains an introduction to the company, including ESG strategy and management, core ESG issues, and sustainability management performance (including some of the performance, and some of the performance (including some of the results of 2021 achievements for the provision of time),

Netmarble is a transparent, truthful communication, truly truly communicated and has been set to “WE Entertain, Support, and Grow Together” to create an ESG vision to create a pleasant future, and three of the focus plans for sustainable growth.

First, we have strengthened game competitiveness through continuous R & D investment, and are based on new business development, which can be contributed to new growth engines, securing new growth engines based on innovative technology, such as competitiveness and block chain, and metabus. Social value creation, third, and ESG, we are focusing on establishing ESG management culture through the establishment of an enterprise awareness and management system.

“Netmarble,” Kwon Young-sik, chairman of the Management Committee, said, “Netmarble establishes a specialized ESG management strategy of Netmarble to respond flexibly to a constantly changing management environment. I will do our best to grow up with a company that grows and creates sustainable value. “

Shaping your ESG & Sustainability Reporting Journey webinar

Netmarble, which is practicing various activities for ESG-centric sustainability management, including establishing eco-friendly shrines and establishing a professional social contribution, and establishing a transparent and sound governance structure, established ESG Management Committee in December last year and spurring ESG management strengthening..

Netmarble issued an ESG report every year with this report, and shares sustainable management activities and performance and plans with stakeholders. The second ESG report that contains activity performance in 2021 is scheduled to release.

The ESG report can be found on the netmarble enterprise homepage.

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