Does he rescue he Mesut Özil near Fenerbahce?

A few days ago, Mesut Özil was suspended at Fenerbahce. Now there is more information about the reasons of exemption. It is also clear that only a former companion Özil’s career could save in Turkey.

From the front: End of last week Mesut Özil was surprisingly released by Fenerbahce, where he has been under contract since the beginning of 2021. The former national player showed himself surprised by the development and announced that he did not know about it and only after some free days on his return journey to Turkey, he was no longer welcome.

The reason for this is to have been a verbal outbreak of the 33-year-old in the cabin next to coaches Ismail Kartal, unsatisfactory Mesut Öziling achievements. Özil had previously been replaced in the halftime in the game against Konyaspor and should probably have complained too loud about it. According to information from the “Kicker” the scolding tirade of the native Gelsenkirchener with Turkish roots was in German.

Coach Kartal therefore took this moment as a reason to complain about President Ali Koc, so that suspension followed. That KOC, actually a proponent of Özils, has not yet been revealed to Özil’s outward throw, is also seen as a sign that the midfielder is hardly a chance to return to the team again.

Saves Loew Özil at Fenerbahce?

Only a new coach could change the situation for Özil, whose contract is still dated until 2024. It is speculated that Özil hopes exactly. Wish candidate of Fenerbahce should not be less than the former national coach Joachim Löw. The current coach Kartal is valid under observers only as an emergency solution.

Löw trained in 1998/99 at Fener and left a good impression there. And most of the time was a good relationship between Löw and Özil. Again and again, the thermal coach presented himself from the often criticized midfielder. Together, the two of 2014 won the World Cup.

Mesut Ozil SUSPENDED by Fenerbahce! ????

After Özil’s DFB resignation, there were radio-style. Löw’s most recently announced: “It will come time where we will talk or meet again.” Maybe already with Fenerbahce. However, Löw is also sought after elsewhere.

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