MMORPG “Toram Online” new skills that enjoy freedom appeared 26 new skills! Story Mission “Shadow of Mount Mount Mountain” also released-6 new maps and 6 new equipment appeared ~

Asobimo Co., Ltd. announced a 26 new skills implementation at MMORPG “Torum Online” compatible with cross-platform.

Asobimo Co., Ltd. has implemented 26 new skills at MMORPG “Torum Online” compatible with cross-platform. The tactical width will be further extended, such as more powerful skills and skills that benefit from existing skills.
In addition, the new story mission to elucidate the mystery of “Mountains of Mt. Ulkani” released “Shadow of smoke springs”. With the implementation of this mission, six new maps and 6 new equipment and equipment that have been deflected up to now have been added 7 new types of production recipes.

# 26 new skills appear!

Skill Tree “Blade Skill” “Shoot Skill” “Magix Kill” “Marshall Skill” “Halbard Skill” “Mononovskill” added 26 new Skills of Lv5. Tactical widths have spread, including more powerful skills and skills that benefit from existing skills. New skills can be learned at the map “Sofia city and library” after reaching the specified level.

◆ Blade skill (4 types)
·Shut out
· Moon slash
· Aura Broad
· Gradiight
◆ Marshall Skill (4 types)
· Half picture thousand
· Ashura Aura
Flash Arts
· Bacded-enabled
◆ Shoot skill (five types)
· Switction
· Parabola cannon
· Twin-storm
· Kekster
· Samurai sour
◆ Halbird skill (4 types)
· Dragonic charge
· Dimenéontill
· Shopping of God
· Torunedance
◆ Magix Kill (5 types)
· Operation / Magic Canon
· Operation / fall
· Chronos shift
· Rapid charge
· Objective base
◆ Mononovskill (4 types)
· Snow Snow Moon flower
· No shadow
· Extension destination
· Broadvolvity

# 6 new maps and 6 new equipment appeared! New Story Mission Publishing

The main story Chapter 11 New Mission “Shadow of Mount Mountable Wood” has been released. The adventurer’s one line goes to the summit to hear the rumor that a herbivorous monster who is an enemy of the forest “Umano” is climbing to “Mount Ulkani mountain” and explore the mystery of the action of monsters.
With this mission release, new map “Ulkani Mountain” appeared. It is a map of the volcanic environment in a tough environment to grow the plants.
Furthermore, six new equipment including “Alchemi Belt” appeared. You can collect material items that you can get with new maps, etc., and get it with a drop from a new map monster. In addition, seven new production recipes such as equipment that were limited to drop limited.

▲ 一 Maintaining a large amount of herbivorous monsters to the summit. ?

ウ Ulkabi mountain

· Meeteckususha (additional equipment / drop)
· Neck of all money (additional equipment / recipe)
· Toyer cloak (additional equipment / recipe)
Heavy Night Helm (Additional Equipment / Drop)
· Alchemi belt (additional equipment / drop)
· Guardian stones between mountains (special equipment / drop)

Baby Night Helm (additional equipment)

▲ Alchemi belt (additional equipment)

Seven Seven, such as “Zybio Blade (Holding Swords)” and “Zhai Viobo Gun (Automatic Bow)”, such as the equipment, which has been available up to now, he added seven types.

# Game introduction

“Toram Online” is a high degree of freedom to set various factors, such as character makeup, weapon armor creation, skill acquisition, etc. There is no concept of “occupation” common to RPG, and you can foster characters to your own preference. The player will look for hidden secrets in the mysterious world, which was broken once by a large variation and tied up to joining. You can experience powerful battle in real time with all the world’s friends.

# Download URL

Google Play: ID = com.asobimo.toramonline
App Store: https: //
Windows: https: //

# Game Overview

Title: Toram Online (Toram Online) Genre: MMORPG Price: Basic Play Free Platform: PC / IOS / Android Supported Languages: English, English, Korean, Traditional Thai, Thai, Indonesian Official Site: HTTPS: // (※ Can be accessed from PC · smartphone.) Official Twitter: https: // Official Facebook page: Development Blog: HTTPS: / /

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