Where to consume the fodded apples at the orchard in Fortnite Chapter 2

One the challenge of this week in the Fortnite shooter chapter 2 is to eat the apples stuffed with orchard. The orchard is not a place named on the map, so you must know where it is or consult our map below. As you can see, it is close to the death trap known as Frenzy Farms. If you were to trace the lines between Craggy Cliffs, Steamy Stacks and Frenzy Farm, then The Orchard would be in the center of this triangle.

The good news is that The Orchard is huge, divided into two distinct parts and that the apples are easy to find. If you run, you’ll see them anywhere on the floor. Where it becomes a little more complicated is that you can not eat them. To consume a forged apple, you must have suffered the damage. Apples will only cure you for a small amount of health, so they will not even be able to keep you in a shooting if things are unleashed. The good news is that it means you can fight, kill your enemy after suffering the damage, then quickly eat three apples to finish this challenge.

If you are worried about your capabilities in a frantic shooting, wait a few minutes before the area is unobstructed, build one or two ramps and jump. This will cause the fall damage and you can eat your favorite apples in peace.

Be careful, however, it is one the three initial challenges that are unlock this week. The area is full of people from the beginning of the turn, and no one will stop you shooting you for a chance to eat. The apples.

Consume Foraged Apples at The Orchard Location - Fortnite Battle Royale (Trick Shot Challenge)

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