The new Resident Evil 3 Remake info reveals how much NEMESIS will be terrifying [Updated]

Update 14:10 ct: It seems that the author of the original Magazine Xbox official article to which this story refers was wrong, and the room in which they saw Nemesis Drill was not, in fact, in fact, A safe piece. Capcom has since published a statement confirming that Jill will be safe in the security room, similar to the way the safe rooms worked in the resident Evil 2 redo. The original story is below.

A feature that did Resident Evil 2 Remake so terrifying was pursued tireless by Mr. X, who arises at random times during the game to torment the poor players. In the future resident Evil 3 Remake, Capcom seeks to add something even more frightening than Mr. X.

According to AestheticGamer, a famous CAPCOM / Resident Evil Initiated, information in the new issue of the official XBOX official_ declares that Nemesis will be able to break the rule of the “safe chamber” resident Evil 3. if Jill Valentine, the protagonist, is the protagonist, is Chassed by Nemesis, a safe room will not save it because it will be able to make their way in the room and continue to pursue it.

Resident Evil 3 Remake: Everywhere Nemesis Follows You

This is very different from the way Mr. X behaved Resident Evil 2, who left you alone if you entered a safe piece, and it changes how players will face Nemesis. Since Jill can not get away from him in a safe piece, she will have to continue escape or attacking her until her departure. It is risky because Nemesis can easily kill Jill but can not be easily killed, which makes him attack a little wastage of ammunition.

Alongside Nemesis, some of the threats Resident Evil 3 include pillar zombies, Hunter Gamma monsters, severe diggers and other creatures causing nightmares. Fortunately, however, these can not apparently do not break the rule of the safe room.

It is to be feared that the fact of not being able to hide from Nemesis in a safe piece can frustrate and scare occasional players, and it will be interesting to see the players’ reaction when the game will fall next month.

Resident Evil 3 Sort on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 3rd.

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