Lineage W deploie son « world battlefield » Phantasm Elysium

lineage w has been designed with the ambition to allow the confrontation of (very) many players of all nationalities. For the moment, the MMORPG is officially playable only in Asia, but it must always be the subject of a global launch and by then, lineage W expands its “global” content.

As part of an update deployed today on game servers, lineage W opens the doors of its global battlefield (World Battelfield) baptized Phantasm Elysium. Destined for high level players (at least level 55), the Phantasm Elysium takes the form of a large area combining battlefield and boss raid mechanics. The area is accessible from six servers (the servers involved turn each week) and lets two groups pass by server.
The country then divides into four distinct areas (of fire, water, air and earth) each houses a regional boss – the great spirits of fire, water, air and earth. It will be necessary to face and defeat these bosses to obtain a big volume of experience points and rare rewards (custody’s nightmare rings or the hero whose effects are cumulative), in addition to components and recipes of crafts. Fabricate objects related to each element (a sword for fire, a shield for water, an arc for air and a cloak for the earth). But obviously, beyond the bosses, it will also be necessary to count with the players of the other servers.

The area opens today on the Lineage W Servers. We imagine that players will soon argue the control of the country in order to try to face the _bosses of the place and to bring back the rewards on their server.

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