Frogwares continues as good as well as work despite the war

Employees of Frogwares **, a studio entirely based in Ukraine, have had varied attitudes against the Russian invasion. Some have committed themselves to the defense forces of their country or bring humanitarian aid to the victims of this war. Others, on the other hand, have fled the country and found refuge elsewhere.

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In a statement, the studio explains his situation: he continues to pay all the salaries of his employees and does not require any of whom they continue to work. When they will be able to return to work, all will find their place as they left it. However, Frogwares is an independent studio, which is not supported by any investor or parent company. In order to subsist, so it must continue to work.

Thus, some employees now safe in other European countries continue to work at a distance. In the short term, this translates into two separate projects. First, the last DLC of the seasonal pass of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One , m for mystery, is now available on all platforms.

Second, Frogwares continues to carry its Sherlock Holmes games on Nintendo Switch . After crimes and punishments, released in February and tested in our columns, the Ukrainian studio indicated that The Devil’s Daughter will be released on April 07 on the Nintendo portable console . Pre-orders are already available.

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