How to find and destroy the disguised input blocker

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is finally here, and players have various new quests and tests that need to do this season. Restoration quests will be the main part of this season, and players will have to go through each stage of these quests to earn all XP awards.

Unfortunately, there is no specific place for Hidden silencer assembling I / O assembling , since players will find them scattered throughout the map. Players will notice White marker on the mini card each time they approach the hidden silencer assembling input-output. They remain invisible until the players approach to inspect them. Just use your harvest tool to destroy these I / O assembly locks after their detection.

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Players will find these hidden I / O blockers throughout the map, even after their destruction. For example, we found this device to the south of the Condo Canyon, as well as not far from the point of interest Jones. Players can check the card links above to see its exact location, and can land in this place to find the hidden interference of the I / O assembly.

Players will receive 40,000 XP after completing both stages of recovery quests. Complete the second stage of recovery quests to unlock Weekly resistance tasks .

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