7 years later they find the last secret of The Witcher 3

_ The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt _ It is a gigantic game full of things to do and missions for completing. It seems that all the secrets that hides this world had already been discovered, but seven years later, it turned out that the masterpiece of CD Projekt Red still had something to hide, and here we talk about what it is about.

Everything starts with the expansion Blood and Wine that debuted in 2016. This huge DLC includes a secondary mission that revolves around a young woman call Vivienne , who suffers from a curse that transforms it into a kind of Harpy against his will.

Naturally, Geralt can help Vivienne with the curse, but it depends on you to choose the result. You can transfer the curse to another person, or you can carry out a ritual that eliminates it completely but it drastically reduces the life time of Vivienne . This last option makes Vivienne only has about seven remaining seven years of life.

After completing the ritual, Vivienne tells Geralt that she wants to travel the world, and eventually, visit the islands of SKELLIGE . Yes, Vivienne passes the rest of her days at SKELLIGE and wait for seven years within the game shows us the corpse of vivienne pulled in the hut of Yennefer In Skellige.

I found it! The Last Witcher 3 SECRET - Vivienne Dies after 7 Years in Skellige.
The YouTuber known as XLetalis used some PC commands to advance the time and show us that effectively, Vivienne dies after seven years. Could it be that the remasterized version for PS5 and X | S Series also include a few additional secrets?

Editor’s note: This shows us that CDPR really thought of everything at the time of designing the missions for The Witcher 3. Who knows what other secrets can be hidden within this game, but we would not be surprised that soon. It will reveal any of them.

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