NBA: Career High of Luka Doncic is not enough! Tired Dallas Mavericks come under the wheels in Charlotte

After the defeat in Philadelphia, Dallas Mavericks also draw the shorter at the Charlotte Hornets, although Luka Doncic adjusts his best with eight threes. The Minnesota Timberwolves shoot the reigning champion from Milwaukee from the hall.

Minnesota Timberwolves (42-30) – Milwaukee Bucks (44-27) 138: 119 (Boxscore)

  • The Wolves remain a stubborn pursuer in the fight for direct playoffs, through the victory against Milwaukee, the tithing of the past eleven games, the residue on the Denver Nuggets is only 0.5 games. Even Dallas remains within reach, especially as both teams meet at night on Monday directly. And with a performance like against the Bucks, the Wolves is all to be trusted.
  • Of course, the reigning champion without Giannis Antetokounmpo (knee) occurred, yet it was a convincing idea of ​​the hosts in which Anthony Edwards (25, 9/16) after six transformed threes against the Los Angeles Lakers five other. Especially at the beginning of the second half, the former number one pick felt, even thanks to its three triples in the piece Minnesota built a 12-point lead.
  • Minnesota Scoree temporarily in eight possessions in a row, mainly from Downtown and to Steals. The wolves won the 38:26 section and transformed nine their 14 threes. Over the 48 minutes, the hosts met 47 percent from distance (22/47) and also forced 12 Steuer. Karl-Anthony Towns (25, 6/12, 11 rebounds) supplied with Brook Lopez (15) a physical duel in the zone, Kat emerged as a clear winner. D’Angelo Russell contributed 16 meters and 9 assists to victory.

  • At the Bucks Pat Connaughton returned after 13 playing injury break into the team, the forward came from the bank and scored 15 meters (5/11 threesome) in 20 minutes. Jra Holiday (14, 5/13, 7 assists) and Khris Middleton (15, 6/13, 7 rebounds), on the other hand, remained inconspicuous, especially Holiday with Edwards had to do all his hands full.
  • Through the victory, the Wolves secured a positive balance until the second time since the 2004/05 season, then Minnesota won with Jimmy Butler 47 games, but undertaken in the first round Houston with 1-4.

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Charlotte Hornets (36-35) – Dallas Mavericks (43-28) 129: 108 (Boxscore)

  • There are lighter tasks than to complete a back-to-back against the young hornets, yet it was very little what the MAVs offered in Charlotte. Although Luka Doncic set a career repair with eight transformed threes (12 attempts) and needed for 37 points (13/20 FG) only 30 minutes (plus-minus: -30), yet the Slovene remembered the Doncic of the first season weeks The little defense played and partly lethargic worked.
  • The colored also on the team which catastrophic started (4:19) and then finished the neighborhoods. The hornets succeeded both at the end of the second as well as the third portion one 11: 0 barrel. This gave the host air, especially in the third quarter when Doncic had caught fire with 21 meters. Lamelo Ball (17, 5/8 Drieier, 7 assists) played great at this stage, including Miles Bridges (23, 7/12, 8 Rebounds), P.J. Washington (21, 5/9 3P) and Terry Rozier (18, 7/10) efficiently.
  • The recipe of the Hornets was simple, many threesome (20/41) and a lot of points in transition. Charlotte tried at every opportunity to increase the pace and had success. The hosts posted 20 FASTBREAK points (Dallas: 4) and used 13 MAVS turnover to 17 own meters.
  • Dallas’ Best Phase was at the beginning of the second quarter when Doncic took place on the bank. Jalen Brunson (10) equalized while a 16-point deficit almost single-handedly, but then he dived again. Spencer Dinwiddie, however, was spared, but could Maxi adhesive (9, 3.4, 7 rebounds) start again, and was one of the better visiting. Frank Ntilikina (12, 5/9, 6 rebounds) bolstered his points tally something in the garbage on time, none of the Mavs starter was in the fourth quarter on the field.

Cleveland Cavaliers (41-30) – Detroit Pistons (19-52) 113: 109 (Boxscore)

  • This game could have become a stumbling stone for the CAVs, a power stroke brought the hosts after the emotional overtime success over Denver the day before another victory against a scratch-bearing piston team, which has played much better for several weeks than it The balance betrays. Cleveland built the lead so on seventh place to 1.5 games.
  • The Cavs were still in the middle of the third quarter with 12 meters of the back, but it was followed by a furious 31: 9 run over well nine minutes, in which Kevin Love (14) subsequently sanked three threes. Thereafter, the CAVs did not give up the lead, although Detroit could shorten Detroit in Crunchtime on 3 meters.
  • Evan Mobley (12, 11 rebounds, 6 assists) met a hook shot on one side and stopped the ball Jerami Grant (40, 13/22 FG, 7/9 threesome) the ball before Lauri Markkanen (8 ) With his only threesome of the evening everything made clear. Also Mobleys Rookie colleague on the opposite side offered a lot, Cade Cunningham (15, 5/13, 10 Assists) also ended the game with a double double.
  • More guarantors for the CAVS victory were in the fourth quarter of Darius Garland (24, 12 assists), who met all his three litters, as well as Cedi Osman (16). At the pistons, Saddiq Bey achieved this time “only” 20 meters (9/17) after his 51-point performance against Orlando (9/17).

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